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Getting the Best, for, and from Your Horse

HORSEHEATH Equine Nutrition  is an advisory service run by John Chapman M.A.(Cantab), to assist horse owners in solving diet-related problems. Over more than 30 years he has amassed a wealth of knowledge of equine nutrition and associated management. This combined with his nutritional training enables expert advice to be provided on a wide range of feed-related topics.


He was raised on a small farm near the village of Horseheath , about 12 miles south of Newmarket, and learnt to ride as a child. Growing up, his interests changed to a more mechanical and aeronautical nature. He went to Grammar School in Cambridge and then on to Trinity College to read Agriculture, obtaining an Honours degree. The courses included Animal Nutrition & Physiology, Botany & Genetics, Soil Science  etc.

On leaving University, he  built up a pig breeding unit on his father’s small farm. He ran that for 14 years, formulating & milling & mixing pig rations on site. During that time he got married & divorced. In 1983 he closed the pig business because of disease problems, sold off surplus straw to local horse-owners, then was asked for hay, feed etc. He therefore decided to apply his knowledge of nutrition to manufacturing horse feeds. He eventually had to close the operation because of financial and health problems (estate duties; a back injury prevented work for over 8 months), and sold the farm.    

About 1993, with his back recovered,  he set up Horseheath Feeds with a friend on a farm in Bedfordshire (who got recruited back into electronics shortly after). He continued to manufacture coarse mixes, developing the range and selling mostly through Beds, N. Herts, & E. Bucks. He also supplied main brand and straight feeds and  forage, developing a useful hay and haylage trade. The business eventually ended up at Gravenhurst, where it incorporated as Gravenhorse Ltd. It was decided to contract out manufacturing in 2006 and concentrate on sales and distribution, reverting  to  Gravenhorse Feeds. The forage trade was taken over by Mark Cooper of Henlow ( see )


If you wish to avail yourself of John Chapman’s expertise hit nutrition_enquiry or call 0344 8844 850 (from a landline)  or 07721 384 508 Please use the contact button below for general enquiries and orders.


If you need specific advice about a problem horse go to the Nutrition Enquiry form at the  [Contact us] page  

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