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You have probably reached this page because your horse has been losing weight, become skinny and thin and is lacking condition.
Horses drop weight, lose condition and become thin and poor because of an inadequate supply of essential nutrients! The fat cover is used up first to meet your horse's daily energy requirement. When that is exhausted muscle and other high-protein tissue gets broken down, leading in extremis to the poor example on the right
HORSEHEATH  NUTRITION products have been used very successfully for many years to promote weight gain and restore lost condition to thin horses, and then maintain it, as you can see from the accompanying testimonials. 

Causes of Equine Weight Loss


  1. Address the management problems listed above.
  2. Check the diet -  if necessary complete the nutrition section of the website’s REPLY form so that John Chapman can evaluate it: click  Ensure good quality forage is available ad-lib.
  3. Increase the protein and energy content of your horse’s feed by adding full fat soya and/or micronised (cooked) linseed to the diet. Other quality sources include milk powder, cooked peas and cooked beans.
  4. If the condition loss is only moderate, feeding the following HORSEHEATH products may suffice:  Body-Builda™, Acceler>8™ (formely Equi-Builda™), LinGold™, Stud Mix, Competition & Racing Mix. See Products.

A horse requires a minimum of 1.5% of its bodyweight per day of dry fibre to keep its gut working properly. A 500 kg horse will therefore need 7.5kg (17lb) of hay (12% moisture content) or 11 kg of haylage (30% moisture). In practice it will need rather more (to satisfy its chewing urge) and can eat up to 3% of its bodyweight in fibre. A typical small hay bale weighs around 22kg/48lb; a stabled horse will normally require around 1/2 bale/day. If in doubt weigh your haynet!  Especially if you are feeding hay or haylage from large bales.

Significant weight loss will involve muscle wastage; weight gain requires top quality protein, which you will find in these HORSEHEATH products:  Full Fat Soya  & Full Fat Micronised (Cooked) Linseed meal (ready to use)

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Effects of continuous stress

These are summaries of a few of the many testimonials and comments received from customers whose horses have benefited from HORSEHEATH products:

Beverley Brightman
International Dressage Rider:
"....we noticed an improvement within a week of adding FULL FAT SOYA.. horse stayed calm ...".

Dan Nielson
International Showjumper: “I first experienced Horseheath products when Helen West sent her High Tone Z to Katrina & Jason Moore. We were impressed by the way her horse maintained condition and even temperament on the feeds she supplied….. Ungaro is rather sharp - he's performed his best ever since he's been on Bodybuilda & EquiBuilda.”

Peter & Zoe Smith  - showjumper
He was rather lean when we got him but has gradually filled out nicelyClick to see more

Tony Clark - Professional Event Rider:
We have quite a number of  competition horses, several of which are prone to weight loss  - BodyBuilda is very effective in  maintaining their condition.”

Jason & Helen Newbold Sport horse producers : click to view

Sue Parkinson Breeder & Racehorse Owner: “…….he seemed quite a weak foal. He started on BodyBuilda straight away and soon blossomed….” click to view more

Emma Bird Dressage Specialist “…I have a very sharp 6 yr old who needed to build muscle and put on weight, previously all weight gaining feeds I tried either made him too hot or had little effect. After a few months of feeding body builder and full fat soya I can not believe the difference it had no adverse effects to his temperment and he looks like an equine version of arnold swarchenegge…….r” click to view

Lisa Cresswell “……..He recently was placed Reserve Champion In-hand Veteran at the Sunshine Tour Championship Show at Bookham. The judge couldn't believe his age and commented on his amazing condition and soundness…”click to view more

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