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is an extremely effective and economic product for restoring lost weight and condition to thin horses. It is rich in high quality protein, essential for rebuilding lost muscle, and its oil is an excellent source of slow-release energy.

There is a considerable amount of misinformation about possible harmful side-effects of feeding soya in the national press & media, much written by people without suitable scientific training. The majority of professional nutritionists support its use for feeding to most species.


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From: Kerry.Brown@............com

To: gravenhorse@............com

Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2009 16:04:07 +0100

Subject: RE: FFSoya:

Hi there John, how are you?

I want to thank you as your full
fat soya has kept my two horses
looking nothing less than spect-
acular over the winter, truly amazing. I had so many people asking me what i was feeding my warmblood as he looked even better than he did in the height of summer. I was a bit worried about him in late August/September as he is a bit of a jessy and dropped some weight and condition as it got colder up here and the grass wasn’t so rich. A couple of weeks on the FFS and he looked glorious. My other horse is pure thoroughbred and has been on box rest since last October (just started getting out now!). It was my first winter with him and I was very worried he would become scrawny as lots of thoroughbreds do. On the contrary! On the FFS, he is the roundest TB i have ever seen, I am pleased to say, and I now have the fantastic problem of getting rid of the big round tummy! But he has started
gentle work now so that will happen naturally.
I don’t need any more FFS for the moment as the grass is coming through but i do have another query which I hope you might be able to help me with. Far from being the lazy placid lump that he was when i bought him my big warmblood now loves life and is full of beans, generally just the right amount...

[Kerry goes on to seek advice on getting the correct energy balance for her horses' current workloads]

Many thanks indeed

From: em.bird@...........co.uk

To: gravenhorse@............com


Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 10:28:09 +0000

Hi John,

I have a yard of 12 dressage horses ranging from foals to advanced compettition horse. They are fed on a combination of competition mix, barley free body builder and full fat soya, depending on their requirements. Three horses in particular have very different temperments and the results have been astounding. I have a very sharp 6 yr old who needed to build muscle and put on weight, previously all weight gaining feeds I tried either made him too hot or had little effect. After a few months of feeding body builder and full fat soya I can not believe the difference it had no adverse effects to his temperment and he looks like an equine version of arnold swarchenegger. Not too fat but in perfect condition and so muscled that im often asked if he is a stallion. The second horse needed to maintain condition but is a very fussy eater and often left half of his feed. He was fed on body builder alone he again looks fantastic and eats all of his feed before even touching his carrots! The third horse is a laid back character that needed to build muscle but again wasnt the biggest eater. So we added a few cups of soya to his feed, previously he was fed on an oil based supplement to add condition that was double the price of full fat soya and he had to be fed a larger quantity of it. We found little effect with the oil based product compared to the dramatic change after feeding soya for a few months; we had double the effect at half the cost. I would strongly recommend feeding full fat soya and body builder to anyone in need of putting on muscle and condition to their horse. It gives them condition in all the right places so they build up topline and have such a healthy shine. The soya had no heating effects on my super sensitive horse and was easy to add into a horses normal feed in small quantities for that extra effect without breaking the bank. John at Graven horse feeds is extremely helpful and gives great advice on feeding horses, I would recommend them to anyone.

Emma Bird

Wolves Farm Essex

July 2012 - Emma has only bought 1 bag of soya this year (for a new horse) - the rest have maintained excellent condition with BodyBuilda™ alone.

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