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FROM the HORSE'S MOUTH - more Satisfied Customer Comments:

Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 10:28:09 +0000
Hi John,
I have a yard of 12 dressage horses ranging from foals to advanced compettition horse. They are fed on a combination of competition mix, barley free body builder and full fat soya, depending on their requirements. Three horses in particular have very different temperments and the results have been astounding. I have a very sharp 6 yr old who needed to build muscle and put on weight, previously all weight gaining feeds I tried either made him too hot or had little effect. After a few months of feeding body builder and full fat soya I can not believe the difference it had no adverse effects to his temperment and he looks like an equine version of arnold swarchenegger. Not too fat but in perfect condition and so muscled that im often asked if he is a stallion. The second horse needed to maintain condition but is a very fussy eater and often left half of his feed. He was fed on body builder alone he again looks fantastic and eats all of his feed before even touching his carrots! The third horse is a laid back character that needed to build muscle but again wasnt the biggest eater. So we added a few cups of soya to his feed, previously he was fed on an oil based supplement to add condition that was double the price of full fat soya and he had to be fed a larger quantity of it. We found little effect with the oil based product compared to the dramatic change after feeding soya for a few months; we had double the effect at half the cost. I would strongly recommend feeding full fat soya and body builder to anyone in need of putting on muscle and condition to their horse. It gives them condition in all the right places so they build up topline and have such a healthy shine. The soya had no heating effects on my super sensitive horse and was easy to add into a horses normal feed in small quantities for that extra effect without breaking the bank. John at Graven horse feeds is extremely helpful and gives great advice on feeding horses, I would recommend them to anyone.
Emma Bird
Wolves Farm Essex


From: (Edinburgh)
To: gravenhorse@xxxxxxxxx.xxxxx

Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2008 13:46:49 +0000
Subject: Re: FFS order

Hi john
The office is open from 9 to 5 all weekdays.
I hope you have a wonderful xmas too! I have now lost count of the number of compliments I have had about the condition of my horses thanks to your feeds- they look like it's the middle of summer! Both have previously been scrawny in the winter but not now! Thanks so much



Fresh air!! - We can't bag it; Exercise!! - We don't sell it!!
As with people, weight can only be reduced by cutting down on nutrient intake, and/or taking exercise!

You should first cut high energy/protein foods, and then restrict forage or grazing, or reduce its quality. Remember the 1% rule about minimum fibre requirement. See for further advice.

Herewith the pictures of my 20+ veteran. Erstwhile a hunter/showjumper he still does flatwork and hacking and works regularly five times a week.
two pictures showing him before he was moved to BODYBUILDA AND EQUIBUILDA at the end of April  and three months   later (July ). You would not believe he was the same horse!

I would not feed my horse
anything other than these two products and recommend your feed  highly! I am not sure that my horse would still be with us today if it had not been for your feed.

Thank you for looking after us.                                                                                                                         June

N.b. Gimmick died in May 2008, aged 35 - our condolences to Christine.


SHARON MYNARD, Leckhampstead Wharf Stud, Buckingham.
  Some of the latest crop of foals:

“For a number of years I have used BodyBuilda™ as the base feed for all the horses here plus some full-fat soya for any that need a little extra. All our horses like the product and look very well. “
N. b. Sharon has been using BodyBuilda™ since about1998! She stopped in 2008 on purely economic grounds.

Beverley Brightman  Bedfordshire - based Grand Prix Dressage Rider
"......A Trakhener stallion recently arrived somewhat under weight; he has improved beautifully on a diet of BodyBuilda™ and Equi-Builda™.”
Beverley on De Delux at Keysoe




Dolly (City Spring Venture) retired Eventer   - 28 & still going strong on  AntiLam &  BodyBuilda  - ridden here by Faye Woods
Dolly passed away suddenly at the ripe old age of 31

ANN SMALLEY, Barkway Stud (Royston)
"Since I have used Horseheath Products all my ponies have looked fantastically well, and our success in the Show Ring I think proves it."
Ekens Fifer
!st, Royal International Show Hickstead 1st & Champion, Three Counties Show, Malvern.
1st & Champion, BSPS Summer Championship Show
Supreme Champion BSPS Area 15a Points Awards

Customer since 2000. Anne mainly uses BodyBuilda™ plus some AntiLam™ , Stud Mix and Full Fat Soya.

Anne's custom was unfortunately lost in December 2011 - her foals refused to eat a batch of feed in which the manufacturer had had to use an oatfeed pellet of a larger size larger than usual; she then switched to another supplier.

Alison Balfour-Lynn, Putteridge Bury, Luton
I have a 26 yr old Appaloosa x TB , never a good doer, always a picky feeder. As usual it lost a lot of condition this winter. I was persuaded to try Body-Builda and Full-fat soya. Three weeks later the feed was disappearing at an alarming rate, but the horse looked much better. It’s also got much more stamina, and doesn’t keep running out of puff”                 visit  Alison's website  

Apollonia Snowcloud                              

Appaloosa x TB mare. 26 years old. Became dangerously ill in October 2005, probably virus. Was within days of being destroyed. Wouldn't eat, became extremely thin. Because eating     so little had to have extremely high calorie feed. Put on Bodybuilda, full fat soya pellets, oats and sugar beet 3 times a day. Took a year to fully recover, but now fine and back in work.

July 2012 Alison reports Snow Alive & Well

                 Hopeful (Hope) - originally  named "Hopeless" !!
Jan 2008                                                      June 2007

   Full (unregistered) Appaloosa mare, now 4 years old. Bought from Ireland in Dec 2006. Extremely poor when bought, failed to thrive. Veterinary tests showed extensive internal parasite damage including liver and arterial wall damage, extensive hind gut scarring. Prognosis dire. Extensive worming programme, probiotics, rich grazing. Fed equibuilda, bodybulda, full fat soya, oats, barley and sugar beet. Looking much better, has just started work, although long term future still uncertain.

& Hopeless Going Strong!

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