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Horseheath Balancers, Supplements  & Coarse Mixes  below.
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linseed, soya, Turmeric etc.

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1. Horseheath  Specialist Products for Performance. Condition,  Mobility etc:

Contact: - via e-mail or post to Gravenhorse Feeds,  
P.O. BOX 811, Flitwick,  Beds MK45 9AU
Tel:0344 8844850 lo-call or 07721 384508  
or text 07807 47 94 95

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Acceler>8™Sport Horse Balancer                                     


Accel. 20kg (24.00) Qty
Accel.9.5kg (12.0) Qty
Accel. 1.8kg (4.00) Qty
Accel. sample (.01) Qty

LinGold™ Condition Supplement                                     


LinGld 20kg (23.50) Qty
LinGld 9.5kg (11.90) Qty
LinGld 1.9kg (3.95) Qty
LinGld Sample (.01) Qty

TurmerGold™ turmeric & linseed Supplement                                     


TMG6.0kg (31.00) Qty
TMG3.0kg (15.65) Qty
TMG 1.0kg (5.25) Qty

Turmeric powder min. 2.8% curcumin                                    


TmcP1.9kg (8.95) Qty
TmcP9.9kg (42.5) Qty

Black Pepper - coarse ground                                    


BkPpr250g (7.75) Qty
TMGSample (.01) Qty

Eas-E™ High Vitamin-E Low Starch balancer                                        


ESB20kg ( 24.00) Qty
ESB9.5kg (12.00) Qty
ESB 2.5kg ( 5.00) Qty
FEUSample (0.01) Qty

LinGold™ Mobility Supplement                                     


LGM 20kg (54.50) Qty
LGM9.6kg (28.00) Qty
LGM 1.9kg (7.50) Qty
LGM Sample (.01) Qty

3. Popular Straight Feeds                                                        .

Equi-Char™ granular Charcoal                              

EqC 350g ( 4.50) Qty
EqC 750g ( 8.65) Qty
EqC1.9kg (16.00) Qty
EqC4.9kg (44.65) Qty

2. Supplements

HORSEHEATH HOOF HARDENER Biotin/Methionine/Zinc Hoof Supplement                                     


BMZ 1.9kg ( 9.00) Qty
BMZ 4.9kg (22.50) Qty
BMZ 9.5kg (40.00) Qty

Natural Vitamin E 50,000 I.U./Kg
no selenium                                         


VitE1.9 kg (12.00) Qty
VitE 0.9 kg ( 6.50) Qty

CalMag -  Magnesium Calmer                              

MgO4.9kg (19.70) Qty
MgO 25kg (41.25) Qty
MgO 900g ( 4.50) Qty
MgOSample (0.01) Qty

Live YEAST -Yea-Sacc                              

YSC0.49kg ( 7.50) Qty
YSC0.99kg(12.80) Qty
Y-ScSample (0.01) Qty

See what you’ve ordered: checkout?                                    


See what you’ve ordered: checkout?                                    


Stud Mix20kg


Stud20kg (11.15) Qty
StudSample (.01) Qty

Competition & Racing Mix 20kg


Comp20kg (11.15) Qty
CompSample (.01) Qty

Full Fat Soya  MEAL stabilised


20kgFSM (15.75) Qty
9.8kgFSM (9.00) Qty
SampleFSM (.01) Qty

Full Fat Soya FLAKES


FSF20kg(14.75) Qty
SampleFSF (.01) Qty
FSF9.8kg (9.00) Qty

Full Fat SoyaMeal 25kg as manuf’d


FFSM 25KG(16.50) Qty

See what you’ve


BodyBuilda Barley Free™ 18kg


BB BF18kg ( 10.00) Qty
BBBFSample (0.01) Qty

AntiLam™ 15kg


ALam 15kg (8.40) Qty
ALamSample (.01) Qty

4. Horseheath Coarse Mixes .                                                   

Micronised Cooked LINSEED Meal


20kgLin (16.20) Qty
9.5kgLin ( 9.75) Qty
4.5kgLin ( 6.35) Qty
SampleLin (.01) Qty

Copra Meal 20kg


Cop20kg (18.25) Qty

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Horseheath Mineral/vitamin Supplement


MVS 1.90 kg ( 7.95) Qty
MVS 4.80kg (17.00) Qty
MVS20.0 kg (45.00) Qty
MVS 9.50kg (29.00) Qty