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Horseheath Balancers, Supplements  & Coarse Mixes  below.
Scroll down for straight products such as
linseed, soya, Turmeric etc.

  ONLINE ORDERS - small quantities/single bags

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1. Horseheath  Specialist Products for Performance. Condition,  Mobility etc:

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Acceler>8™Sport Horse Balancer                                     


Accel. 20kg (£24.00) Qty
Accel.9.5kg (£12.0) Qty
Accel. 1.9kg (£4.00) Qty
Accel. sample (£.01) Qty

LinGold™ Condition Supplement                                     


LinGld 20kg (£22.00) Qty
LinGld 9.5kg (£11.90) Qty
LinGld 1.9kg (£3.95) Qty
LinGld Sample (£.01) Qty

Stud Mix20kg


Stud20kg (£11.15) Qty
StudSample (£.01) Qty

Competition & Racing Mix 20kg


Comp20kg (£11.15) Qty
CompSample (£.01) Qty

BodyBuilda Barley Free™ 18kg


BB BF18kg (£ 10.00) Qty
BBBFSample (£0.01) Qty

AntiLam™ 15kg


ALam 15kg (£8.50) Qty
ALamSample (£.01) Qty

4. Horseheath Coarse Mixes .                                                   

Full Fat Soya  MEAL stabilised


20kgFSM (£15.75) Qty
9.5kgFSM (£9.00) Qty
SampleFSM (£.01) Qty

Full Fat Soya FLAKES


FSF20kg(£15.50) Qty
SampleFSF (£.01) Qty

Full Fat SoyaMeal 25kg as manuf’d


FFSM 25KG(£15.50) Qty

See what you’ve


Micronised Cooked LINSEED Meal


20kgLin (£18.40) Qty
9.5kgLin ( £10.50) Qty
4.9 kgLin ( £6.35) Qty
SampleLin (£.01) Qty

Copra Meal 20kg


Cop20kg (£18.25) Qty

3. Popular Straight Feeds                                                        .

See what you’ve ordered: checkout?                                    


Equi-Char™ granular Charcoal                              

EqC 350g ( £4.50) Qty
EqC 750g (£ 8.65) Qty
EqC1.9kg (£16.00) Qty
EqC5.0kg (£44.65) Qty

HORSEHEATH HOOF HARDENER Biotin/Methionine/Zinc Hoof Supplement                                     


HHH 1.9kg(£11.00) Qty
HHH 4.9kg (£24.00) Qty
HHH 9.5kg(£40.00) Qty

Natural Vitamin E 50,000 I.U./Kg
no selenium                                         


VitE1.9 kg (£17.70) Qty
VitE 0.95 kg( £9.95) Qty

CalMag -  Magnesium Calmer                              

MgO5.0kg (£16.25) Qty
MgO 25kg (£41.25) Qty
MgO 950g ( £4.50) Qty
MgOSample (£0.01) Qty

Live YEAST -Yea-Sacc®                              

YSC0.49kg (£ 7.50) Qty
YSC0.99kg(£12.80) Qty
Y-ScSample (£0.01) Qty

2. Supplements

See what you’ve ordered: checkout?                                    


Hors-E-Vit™ Mineral/vitamin Supplement


MVS 1.90 kg ( £7.95) Qty
MVS 4.90kg (£17.00) Qty
MVS20.0 kg (£45.00) Qty
MVS 9.50kg (£29.00) Qty

Eas-E-Balancer™ High Vitamin-E Low Starch balancer                                        


ESB20kg ( £24.00) Qty
ESB9.5kg (£12.00) Qty
ESB 2.5kg ( £5.00) Qty
ESBSample (£0.01) Qty

LinGold™ Mobility Supplement                                     


LGM 20kg (£54.50) Qty
LGM9.5kg (£28.00) Qty
LGM 1.9kg (£7.50) Qty
LGM Sample (£.01) Qty

If you require a scoop please go to order box above.

TurmerGold™ turmeric & linseed Supplement                                       

Sample pack 70gm                                               950g Trial Pack

 3kg Tub no scoop                                               3kg Bag no scoop

6kg tub no scoop                                                6kg bag -  no scoop

9.5kg bag -  no scoop                                          14.5kg bag -  no scoop


20kg bag -  no scoop                                          24.5kg bag -  no scoop                                             

TMG6.0kg ( £31.00) Qty
TMG3.0kg ( £15.65) Qty
TMG 950gm ( £5.25) Qty
TMGSample ( £.01) Qty
TMGbg6 kg (£30.00) Qty
TMG9.5kg (£47.00) Qty
TMG24.5kg(£113.50) Qty
TMbg3.0kg (£14.65) Qty
TMG14.5kg£73.50) Qty
TMG20kg (£92.50) Qty

MEASURING SCOOPS ARE NOT INCLUDED AS STANDARD - if you need one please select below: (prices include VAT)

Scoop 5 ml ( £0.25) Qty
Scoop10ml ( £0.30) Qty
Scoop15ml ( £0.35) Qty
Scoop25ml ( £0.40) Qty
Scoop50ml ( £0.50) Qty

Turmerdog for terrier,  Calmag    VitaminE Live Yeast,

Turmerdog for small/medium dog, Calmag VitaminE   Hors-E-Vit

Turmerdog for medium dog, VitaminE   
Hors-E-Vit Glucosa-vite MSM Hoof Hardener

Turmerdog for med/large dog, VitaminE Hors-E-Vit Glucosa-vite MSM TurmerGold for pony Itch-Ban, Greenstufff, Hoof Hardener

Turmerdog for large dog, TurmerGold for
horse Itch-ban Greenstufff

 TurmerDog™ Turmeric & Linseed Supplement with Salmon Oil, Chondroitin etc  

 Original  Powder:





 300gm bag inc VAT                                        900gm bag inc VAT

 1.95kg Bag inc VAT                                        Sample pack Original approx 50gm

 Bites 250gm bag inc VAT                               Bites 750gm inc VAT

TBT750g ( £36.99) Qty
TBT250g ( £11.99) Qty

Cookies 200gm bag inc VAT                          Cookies  700gm bag inc VAT                                                            

TCK700g ( £30.99) Qty
TCK200g ( £8.99) Qty

 Samples:     Cookies approx 70gm              Bites  approx 30gm                                                           

TCKSamp ( £.01) Qty
TBTSamp ( £0.01) Qty

Orders for more than 9 samples (can be a mixture) or repeated orders of samples may be rejected if it appears that the objective is to obtain a cheap supply of products

In order to minimise packaging TurmerDog™ products are normally supplied in plastic bags or pouches. Suitable tubs are however available to facilitate storage. Vat included.


TMDsamp ( £0.01) Qty
TMD900 (£22.95) Qty
TMD300 ( £7.99) Qty

1.1lt tub holds 600gm Original & Bites or 500gm Cookies

2.2lt tub holds 1200gm Original & Bites or 1000gm Cookies  

4.4lt tub holds 2400gm Original & Bites or 2000gm Cookies                                

TubSmall(£0.99) Qty
TubMed (£1.49) Qty
TubLrge (£1.99) Qty
NoToHermes (£2.00) Qty
NoToHermes (£2.00) Qty
NoToHermes (£2.00) Qty
NoToHermes (£2.00) Qty

MORE PRODUCTS WILL BE ADDED SHORTLY - in the meantime please phone, text, or email for anything not listed above.

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Trial pack 250gm                        

950gm pack


1.95kg pack  

4.95kg pack

BgUp1.95kg (£17.25) Qty
BgUp950g (£ 8.80) Qty
BgUp250g (£4.95) Qty
BgUp4.95kg (£39.90) Qty

    Bung-Upp™  sample pack approx 50g                             


BgUp50g (£0.01) Qty