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Horseheath Anti-Lam™


Cool, Calm ‘n Complete! High-fibre, minimal starch, coarse mix with live yeast for horses and ponies with sensitive digestive systems.


Correct feeding is essential to maintain horse health & performance. The Horseheath Nutrition Service can assess for free your horse’s diet & provide suitable advice.

  • First manufactured by Horseheath Feeds in 1999.
  • Especially suitable for native breeds and miniature horses.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Highly palatable.
  • A careful blend of chopped straw, dried grass, soya, cooked linseed and high fibre pellets.
  • The high fibre pellets contain phospho-lipids which help support the gut wall. 
  • Condensed molasses solubles (has had all bar about 1% of sugar removed) suppresses dust & aids palatability.
  • Also contains rapeseed oil (non-gm), to provide slow-release energy and mineral and vitamin supplements (including magnesium).
  • Live yeast included to optimise hind-gut function.
  • Cereal-free – contains less than 7% starch;  sugars: 2.2%
  • Typical analysis: protein 8%; oil 6.9%; fibre 22%.
  • Digestible energy (fresh) 8 MJ/kg (calculated).
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    Antilam Bag

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    From Beverley Brightman, International  Dressage Rider, Colmworth, Beds:

    ‘I use AntiLam as my main base feed, adding to it as required  to suit individual horses’ needs. It helps keep droppings normal. They take a long time to eat it, which helps keep them occupied.’

    Beverley Brightman, International Dressage Rider


    From Helen West, Stevenage:


    Helen feeds Bodybuilda Original, AntiLam™, full-fat soya and Magnesium Oxide. Her best horse, Vilka B, ridden by Abbey Squires has been beating top riders including Ben Mayer and Tim Stockdale.


    ‘AntiLam is a well-balanced feed for those in light work or not working, giving enough nutrients and roughage for a happy healthy horse. Superb for laminitic prone types.’


    From Victoria Peace, Caunton Manor Equestrian, Newark:


    ‘I have been using Gravenhorse Feeds now for four years and wouldn’t consider feeding anything else. I feed AntiLam to everything on my yard ranging from dressage horses, young-stock, broodmares and old ponies. It’s low in protein so you can feed as much or as little as needed and it helps maintain a healthy gut. I also use this in conjunction with BodyBuilda and Acceler>8 for the competition horses. These provide all the vitamins and minerals needed to help improve performance, top line and stamina without being heating or causing any fizziness. John gives excellent nutritional advice to suit each individual horse’s feeding requirements and always provides a friendly and professional service. I would highly recommend Gravenhorse Feeds to anyone.’


    Vicky also uses quite a lot of full-fat soya to help maintain her horses’ condition. She is supplied via Cobb’s Country Store at Darlton, Newark, NG22 0TH, Tel: 01777 228260.


    Demelza Hawes, Classical Dressage Trainer, Oxfordshire:


    ‘I love feeding AntiLam in combination with BodyBuilda. It runs alongside my principles of keeping everything as natural as possible for the competition horse – from training to feeding. Its high quality roughage really gives my horses what they need, combined with non-heating qualities. I am able to maintain a happy horse and due to the BodyBuilda, I can see my horses’ musculature develop naturally without fat masking as muscle! It suits all my national level competition horses, from yearlings, young horses and advanced, as well as my liveries ranging from pleasure horses to show cobs. Coat shine, muscle tone and temperament are top class with this feed.’


    Lauren Essex, Peterborough:


    ‘Please find attached two pictures of London, taken at his last show where he won all three classes he was in, as well as champion.’


    Lauren Essex horse (2) - Fed Antilam




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