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Acceler8™ Supplement/Balancer

NOTE: Acceler>8™ was formerly Equi-Builda Sport. Condition supplement and balancer, with yeast and magnesium. Ideal for sport horses, boosts condition and stamina. Also, very effective as part of a breeding/rearing diet.


Horseheath EQUI-BUILDA™was formulated in 1998 to provide a concentrated condition-enhancing supplement for underweight horses and proved very effective for maintaining sport horse condition and stamina. It has been up-rated and renamed as Acceler>8™.

The Improvements:


  • Enhanced mineral and vitamin supplements, including Selenium-yeast.

  • Cooked Linseed added to provide more oil, especially Omega 3.

  • Powerful anti-oxidant and soothing properties help maintain supple joints.

  • Mucilage lines and supports the gut wall.
  • Acceler>8 Scoop Acceler>8 Bag 9.5kg

    ACCELER>8™ is a very palatable blend of high quality vegetable proteins and oils, micronised maize and linseed, minerals, vitamins, and live yeast, carefully formulated to help restore lost condition, improve top line and increase stamina. It is supplied in meal form for mixing with main feed.


  • The high quality protein helps maintain optimum muscle condition.

  • 500 gms per day provides a useful 7MJ of energy. ( A hunter’s maintenance requirement is approximately  65 – 70MJ/day).

  • Provides vitamins (A,C, D, E, B group such as Folic Acid, Biotin) and major minerals and trace elements, all necessary for the good health and wellbeing of your horse.

  • Yeast boosts the beneficial hind gut bacterial population improving fibre digestion and optimising hind gut function.

    • Contains Magnesium – otimises energy metabolism and nerve and muscle function,  e.g. can calm down over-excitable horses without reducing performance.

    Rose Le Geyt on RVS Laurance

    Rose Le Geyt (Louise Callow’s daughter) on RVS Laurence

    ACCELER>8™ is added to your horse’s existing hard feed, or can be fed mixed with chaff alone. It is NOT intended to enable hard feed or forage to be reduced, although this may be possible in the long term. Only cut down feed if your horse starts to get fat! For a horse in good condition its use can be restricted to a day or two before a competition. to provide an energy boost as and when required.


  • Typical Analysis: Protein 17%; Oil 13.5%; D.E. 14.6MJ/Kg

  • Added vitamins A; C; D3; E; B group; Folic Acid; Biotin; minerals – Calcium, Phosphorous, Salt; Trace elements including Selenium,Copper, Zinc, Iron, Cobalt Manganese etc.

    Dan Nielson in France

    Dan Nielson in France.

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    From Kerry Brown, Edinburgh:


    "Hi John, As promised, I wanted to email you to let you know about my experience with Equibuilda.

    I purchased a Belgian warmblood last September. When he came to me he was quite lean, very unfit and completely without muscle tone. Although he grew fitter and more toned as the winter progressed, he became pretty thin.  In spite of significantly increasing his feed and giving him ad lib haylage, his condition did not improve.


    I began giving him Equibuilda at the end of January and within 3 weeks I started to receive comments on the improvement in his condition. He now (mid April) looks glorious- round and happy with an incredibly silky coat and the compliments continue. He is a flea bitten grey but has a shine to his coat that a chestnut would be proud of! I have just purchased a second horse who will also coming to me thin and unfit. I will be starting him on Equibuilda from day one. Many thanks!"

    Kerry Browns horse when feeding Acceler>8