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Horses’ natural diets are primarily grass-based. This is normally inadequate for the performance horse and so needs supplementing. Horseheath Nutrition achieves this by selecting and blending feedstuffs, herbs & mineral & vitamin supplements, which centuries of experience combined with the latest scientific research, tell us can be satisfactorily digested by the horse.

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1. Behavior and Temperament Supplements.

- Agnus Castus - for in-season moody, temperamental mares. Support for horses and ponies experiencing cushing's disease, and for rigged geldings.

- Calmag (Calcium Magnesium) - a principal ingredients in most proprietary calmers.

- Chamomile Powder - Used to calm over-excited horses and optimise digestive system function.

- Magnesium Oxide - a principal ingredients in most proprietary calmers.

- Tryptophan - amino acid that acts as a calmers for excitable horses.


2. Breeding/Fertility Supplements.

- Natural Vitamin E - essential for many metabolic processes involved in reproduction, growth, and energy etc.


3. Coarse Mixes and Balancers.

- AntiLam™ - cereal-free low starch high fibre mix with live yeast.

- BodyBuilda™ - conditioning mix.

- Horseheath Competition, Racing, and Stud Mix - high quality protein for optimum
muscle condition and general health.

- Acceler8™ - sport horse supplement/balancer.

- Eas-E™ Balancer - low starch+ sugar with high level of vitamin E – supports the neuro-muscular system.


4. Conditioning Products.

- Full-Fat Soya Flakes and Meal - supply high quality protein for restoring lost muscle, breeding stock & developers.

- Full-Fat Linseed - traditional product for restoring lost condition maintaining healthy coat.

- Lingold™ Condition - for rapid weight gain.

- Lingold™ Mobility - primarily for healthy joints; also helps maintain condition.


5. Digestive System Supplements.

- Bung-Upp™ - maintains hind-gut stability.

- EquiCharc™ - counteracts loose smelly droppings.

- Greenstufff™ - equine gut conditioning supplement.

- Brewers Yeast - a source of oligosaccharides, which line the gut wall and help to keep it healthy.

- Burdock Root Powder - contains useful anti-oxidants with a wide range of therapeutic properties.

- Liquorice Root Powder - soothing and demulcent.

- Sand-Klear™ (Psyllium Husks) - removes particles of sand and other debris from the digestive tract.

- Yea-Sacc (Live Yeast) - optimises hind gut function and improves feed digestibility.


6. General Health Supplements.

- Dical - for bone development and bone health.

- Himalayan Salt Licks - natural sourse of salt.

- Limestone Powder - for strong bones and variousmetabolic processes.

- Seaweed - mineral/vitamin supplement and tonic.

- Hors-E-Vit - mineral vitamins for good health and optimum performance.


7. Hoof Condition Supplements.

- Hoof Hardener™ - builds and maintains strong healthy hooves.

- Milk Thistle Powder - provides nutritional support for the hooves and liver.


8. Joint, Bone, and Mobility Condition Supplements.

- Bosfleks™ - joint supplement.

- Glucosa-vite™ - maintains healthy joints and other connective tissue.

- TurmerGold™ - for healthy joints & mobility.

- Boswellia Serrata - Optimises flexibility of movement.

- Glucosamine - maintains healthy joints and other connective tissue.

- Lingold™ Mobility - primarily for healthy joints; also helps maintain condition.

- Methyl Sulphonyl Methane (MSM) - nutritional support for cartilage and other connective tissue.

- Pepper Ground Black - Improved the digestibility of essential nutrients.

- Rosehip Powder - aids joint mobility.

- Turmeric Powder - anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant which is suitable for horses suffering from stiff joints and itchy skin conditions, as well as offering support to the digestive system.


9. Neuromuscular System Supplements.

- Natural Vitamin E - essential for many metabolic processes involved in reproduction, growth, and energy etc.


10. Skin and Coat Condition Supplements.

- Itch-Ban™ - relief from skin irritation not caused by parasites.

- Cut Nettle Herb - supports healthy skin.

- Cleavers - supports the lymphatic system. Used in conjunction with nettle to support healthy skin.

- Garlic Granules - repels flies. All year round general health.


11. Treats.

- Horseheath Treets - tasty low-energy cereal-free high fibre nugget.

- Horseheath Mint Treets - similar to sbove with a mint flavour.


12. Popular Straight Feeds.

- Barley Flaked - traditional high-starch feed.

- Bruised Oats - traditional high-starch feed.

- Crushed Oats - easily digested source of energy.

- Copra Meal - rich in protein. Assists with coat condition.

- Grass Pellets - well balanced natural feed.

- Maize Flaked - high starch content provides fast release energy.


13. Dog Supplements.

- BosDog™ - for healthy joints & mobility.

- TurmerDog™ - for healthy joints & mobility.


14. Feeds Accessories.

- Measuring Scoops - 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 25ml, and 50ml.

- Tubs - small (1.2lt), medium (2.2lt), and large (4.4lt).

- Water Container - 20 litre, light weight.


15. Bedding.

- Click here to view our range of Bedding.


16. Main Brand Products.

- Click here to view our range of Main Brand Products.


Product Stand Display 2 For individual advice, or to order a free sample (postage charged) or a price list, please use the form on the contact page or use the contact details at the bottom of this page.


Gravenhorse can also obtain a wide range of other supplements and minerals, as well as other manufacturers’ products (Baileys, Dodsons’, Spillers’ etc) and can arrange high quality supplies of forage and bedding, including Haylage, various sizes and grades. Visit Mark Cooper’s website or contact us for more information.


From Sarah Pickford via Facebook:

‘We started feeding our horses Gravenhorse Feed products and we haven’t looked back! They have never looked in better health, and all have just the right energy levels required. Thanks, John.’