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Feeding Guide


The following chart will assist you in choosing the correct feed for your horse; if there is not a suitable Horseheath product a cost-effective alternative will be suggested.


Base Feed:
Green leafy material - primarily grass as grazing, hay or haylage. Horses all need to eat at very least 1.5% of their bodyweight as dry fibre to maintain healthy gut function & in practice will eat 2- 4%.
Your horse fit & well & performing satisfactorily?
No need for extra feed -  save your money & stop it getting too fat!
Your Horse Overweight?
See advice in Nutrition Problems section.
Your horse resting/in light work: just needs a top-up ?
Feed a long-fibre product e.g. chopped straw, grass or alfalfa chaff or similar, to encourage chewing. Add  low-energy high fibre nuts or  balancer or mineral & vitamin supplement  e.g.Hors-E-Vit™ or coarse mix e.g. Horseheath AntiLam™ Most horses in normal condition can tolerate some sugar in their diet; ponies less so. If too fat it should be avoided as far  as possible.
Your horse in medium/heavy work?
Feed products with a higher nutrient density e.g. Horseheath  BodyBuilda™ and/or Acceler>8™,  or Eas-E balancer™ or Competition Mix.

Your horse doing speed work?
e.g. S/J, Fast Driving, Racing, Polo etc… Competition Mix or BodyBuilda™ as base feed plus Acceler>8™, LinGold™, Cod liver oil, Cooked Linseed, Full-Fat Soya, rolled oats, Hors-E-Vit™, electrolytes, as required.
Your horse underweight & thin?
See Condition and Weight Loss.
Click HERE for advice about diet-related problems such as laminitis; condition; behaviour & temperament, gut disorders such as colic, scour (loose droppings) & ulcers; Cushing’s disease; skin & coat problems e.g hives & itching; cracked hooves; EMS (equine metabolic syndrome); PSSM  Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy - Azoturia - “Tying-up”; neuro-muscular disorders such as shivers, etc.


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HORSEHEATH and other feed products are delivered direct, throughout Beds, Herts, Bucks and parts of adjacent counties, and also via selected merchants, as well as nationally and internationally by courier/carrier.


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