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Est 1983


Highly versatile product for control, condition, stamina, breeding and developing.

Ideal as base feed for most sport and show horses, used by leading breeders.


First manufactured by Horseheath Feeds in 1985.



    Chaff-based mix with substantial levels of protein and energy. Principal ingredients are maize, peas, soya, cooked linseed, oat chaff, low-sugar molasses, and mineral and vitamin supplements.



    High-quality protein used in this mix makes it particularly suitable for restoring condition to horses which have lost excessive weight. Extreme cases may also require additional Full-Fat Soya, cooked linseed or LinGold™.



    Part of the energy source is oil-based, which leads to a slow release. This makes BodyBuilda™ very suitable for horses using lots of energy over long periods e.g. in riding schools, trekking, eventing, show-jumping, dressage, cross-country, endurance, driving and draft work.



    The absence of oats by and large ensures that such horses do not get too ‘fizzy’, yet are able to cope with their workload, and retain condition.



    Relatively high levels of minerals and vitamins are included; this enables BodyBuilda™ to meet the higher requirements of both developing youngsters and veterans alike. A number of stud customers use this product as their main base feed.



    Minerals include magnesium oxide – magnesium is involved in energy and other metabolic processes, and is the chief ingredient in most proprietary calmers.


    Cooked linseed is rich in Omega 3 oil, in particular helping to maintain  healthy joints, gut, skin and coat.
    Protein – 12.5%; energy -11.2 MJ/kg.
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    Debbie Vychinski, Bakewell:


    "Boutime Wooster winning M+M championship at Hope agricultural show. Lovely comments about is manners, condition and coat. All thanks to Gravenhorse feed. Bodybuilder mix and soya flakes. This stallion is so laid back on this feed and has continued to show and keep condition despite covering his mares all season. Thanks John Chapman for you're excellent feed advice xxx".


    "We have had an amazing season with the Boutime ponies x Only five shows and look at the winnings.Thankyou John Chapman for your help and advice over the years and of course your amazing feed,which keeps our ponies looking so well,that evan The Royal Windsor Show photoghrapers advertised the main man x Boutime Wooster thriving off Gravenhorse feed".


    "What an amazing weekend we have had with our beautiful stallion Boutime Wooster ..... Also thankyou to John Chapman of Graven horse feeds for the fantasitc diet and dietry advice. Wooster was put to the test this weekend with very busy two days that would challenge an experienced pony never mind a 5 year old.He looked amazing.Behaved beautifully and had bags and bags of stamina".


    Boutime Wooster winning M+M championship at Hope

    Tony Clark, Professional Event Rider

    Tony Clark, Professional Event Rider:


    ".....excellent product......".


    Sue Parkinson, Cheddington:


    "Here’s the photo of Sinatra as a weanling – not quite what I’d expected, he was a scrawny and scruffy little boy! When he arrived, I was a bit concerned that he wouldn’t grow up quite correct. He needed the farrier and the trip had taken its toll. He seemed quite a weak foal. He started on BodyBuilda straight away and soon blossomed. He’s grown consistently, has a superb coat and even temperament and has never given me a moment’s worry since. He passed his stallion inspection in October, at 2 years and 5 months old, with flying colours and is maturing into a super little horse."


    Before. After.
    Sinatra before photo Sinatra after photo