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Horseheath Competition, Racing, and Stud Mix


'Rocket Fuel' high energy/protein mix for hard/fast work e.g. racing, show jumping, competition, driving, etc. and healthy mares, sturdy foals and lusty stallions!


  • A high energy, oat-based coarse mix for horses in hard, fast work.

  • Optimum balance of fast and slow release energy (from starch and oil).

  • Fully-balanced feed designed to meet all the nutritional requirements of the mare whilst in foal and lactating.

  • Suitable for show jumpers, race~horses, eventers, competition driving, etc, foals and working stallions.

  • BodyBuilda (with extra mineral and vitamin supplement) may be more suitable for ponies.

  • High-quality protein (soya, linseed) for optimum growth of muscles, other tissues and general health.

  • Generous mineral\vitamin supplementation for peak performance.

  • Rich in essential amino-acids such as lysine and methionine.

  • Typical analysis: protein - 15.0% D.E. 13.1 MJ\kg

  • Typical ingredients: oats, soya, maize, peas and linseed, low-sugar molasses, chopped alfalfa, live yeast and mineral and vitamin supplements.



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  • From £11.50 / 20kg ex. works. Approximately £12.50 - £14.00 / 20kg delivered.

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    Golden Harvest, aka 'Harvey' - a 27 year old, 148 pony owned by Regan Whillet, ridden by Zoe Smith, jumping his way to HOYS.


    His feed is alfalfa and Horseheath Competition mix, BodyBuilda™, Lingold™ Mobility, and Full Fat Soya.


    From Peter Smith:


    "He was rather lean when we got him but has gradually filled out nicely".


    After a few months' retirements, old age caught up with him and he was put down on 23/11/14. R.I.P.




    From Abbie Squires, Hertfordshire-based International Show Jumper:


    "I originally started a very poor 5 year old, that we could not get any weight on on BodyBuilda and soya flakes. The improvement was amazing. I was so impressed I decided to use BodyBuilda on all my horses. They are in the best condition they have ever been and feel fantastic".


    Abbie came to Gravenhorse’s attention when, on Helen West’s Vilka B she beat both Tim Stockdale and Ben Maher! Abbie mainly feeds BodyBuilda™, plus some full-fat soya, Competition Mix and Acceler>8™.




    From Daniel Neilson – Ongar, Essex. Winner, HOYS 2008, Young Show Jumper Competition –

    Olympia 2007, Silver Medal Junior European Championship, Auvers, France 2007 etc:


    "I first experienced Horseheath products last summer when Helen West sent her High Tone Z to Katrina and Jason Moore. We were impressed by the way her horse maintained condition and even temperament on the feeds she supplied. We now use BodyBuilda as the main base feed for the whole of the yard, adding EquiBuilda and/or Competition Mix depending on workload and condition. The horses all look very well and have plenty of stamina, in spite of their high workload, and remain level-headed."


    Gravenhorse Feeds sponsored Dan from 2007 to December 2012, providing free feed for his top three competition horses and supplying his then principals, Jason and Katrina Moore at normal prices. A rival firm has made a rather more substantial offer and taken over the sponsorship. Dan has now moved on to another yard; Gravenhorse Feeds wishes him well, and continued success in his career.





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