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Horseheath Hoof Hardener™


Biotin / Methionine / Zinc Hoof Strengthening Supplement
Biotin:- 750mg/kg.
As its name implies, this product will build and maintain strong healthy hooves. It should be fed in conjunction with some Hors-E-Vit” if your horse is not receiving any compound feed or balancer with normal mineral & vitamin supplementation.

Cracked Hoof
Hoof Hardener BagHoof Hardener Scoop

Feeding Information.

Add to daily feed;
Ponies  –         15gm/day.
Horses  –         30gm/day.
Heavy Horse –   40gm/day.
A 25ml measure holds 15gm.
Ensure clean fresh water available ad-lib

Pricing Information.

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Mandy Tinsley, Warboys:


"Charlie has been on the Horse-E-vit supplement and the Hoof Hardener supplements for several weeks now. The Farrier has just been and commented on how much his hooves have started to grow. The Farrier is extremely impressed as Charlies hooves have always been exceptionally slow-growing. It's only with the help of a different vet, my farrier and your help Charlie recovered. Huge thank you John".