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LinGold™ Condition


LinGold™ Condition consists of micronised (cooked) whole linseed, ground and mixed with full-fat soya meal (the whole bean cooked and ground). It is particularly suitable for the show-horse or pony, and horses with sensitive digestion.


  • Minimal starch – ideal for showing, convalescents, & also very suitable for the veteran.

  • The high quality protein restores and helps maintain optimum muscle condition.

  • Rich in essential fatty acids – Omega 3:  10%;  Omega 6:  7.1% – enhance coat gloss and general good health.

  • 500 gms per day provides a very useful 9.5MJ of slow release energy. A hunter’s maintenance requirement is approximately  65 – 70 MJ/day.

  • LinGold™ is added to your horse’s existing hard feed, or can be fed mixed with chaff alone. It is NOT intended to enable hard feed or forage to be reduced, although this may be possible in the long term. Only cut down feed if your horse starts to get fat!

    Lingold 20kg Bag Lingold Condition scoop

    Nutrional Analysis.


    Protein 29%

    Oil 28% (Omega 3 10%)



    Starch 2.9%

    Energy 20Mj/kg

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    From Lisa Cresswell:


    "Just a big’thank you’ for your help and advice regarding the above product. I have been feeding this to my 27 year old medium-working Arab (Mishari) for the past 3 months and I am so impressed with the results. Not only has he put on weight but also has a gleaming coat too. He recently was placed Reserve Champion In-hand Veteran at the Sunshine Tour Championship Show at Bookham. The judge couldn’t believe his age and commented on his amazing condition and soundness. I have tried feeding many different products for weight-gain, but LinGold is the only one that has made a marked difference. It is also economical to feed and does not have any negative effects on Mishari’s temperament. THANK YOU!".


    Lisa Cresswell's Horse

    From Julia Bradbury:


    "Thanks John for dropping the LinGold off to me so quickly.  I have known Robby since I was 14 and have owned him for 19 years.  To find something that is helping him is great as he is now 31 years old and his teeth are falling out.  Robby started on his LinGold in January when he weighed 260 kg. I increased his dose slowly and by the end of March he now weighs 274 kg.  Everyone at my yard is saying how well he is looking. He is being very cheeky and is full of energy. It is just a shame I don’t have a before photo."


    Julia Bradbury's Horse

    From Alison Speirs, Ayr:


    "….and a split measure of LinGold, all twice a day…his droppings are much better except after those odd occasions he gets a bite of grass – otherwise they are lovely and firm with a normal “horse poo” smell!".