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Fake News “Linseed is Toxic…”



The website of a West Country herb supplier claims that linseed is dangerous! This flies in the face of the available evidence & experience of all the qualified nutritionists of the author’s acquaintance. The website quotes a European Food Safety Agency warning about cyanide poisoning from uncooked linseed. Close reading of the report identifies some extreme situations when problems could occur. This has been published in newspaper articles by scientifically ignorant authors who probably have degrees in English or similar but can’t tell the difference between an amino acid & a fatty one! This is reminiscent of the misleading Frankstein Foods articles of some years ago, written to boost sales, in spite of the facts.
The author has met customers who have successfully fed freshly ground raw linseed to their horses and themselves. For safety, Gravenhorse linseed meal is always cooked to prevent cyanide formation & improve digestibility.