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Having developed the very successful TurmerGold™ for equine use the manufacturer has now developed for the CANINE market:


TurmerDog™ – Ready – to – Use  Feed Supplement for Optimum Mobility & Joint Flexibility.


Jumping Dog

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  • Provides the nutritional support required to maintain healthy joints & unrestricted movement.

  • Suitable for any breed.

  • Beneficial to a dog’s skin & coat – also helps maintain general good health.

  • Combines the powerful soothing properties  of Turmeric (active ingredient: curcumin);  Micronised (cooked) Linseed Meal and Salmon Oil. The two latter  have a high Omega-3 content. For Bites & Cookies some of the linseed is replaced with potato flour.

  • Contains Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin & Vitamin C to assist in the maintenance of a dog’s cartilage and other connective tissue.

  • Coarse ground Black Pepper is included; together with the Salmon oil it improves the digestibility of the curcumin etc.

  • Added chicken flavour to improve palitability.

  • Added Natural Vitamin E ( x4 more effective than synthetic – Pagan et. al. 1995) 50 I.U./Kg – supports numerous metabolic processes essential  for good health.

  • Comes in 3 different forms:

    TurmerDog  Powder: A  5ml scoop (teaspoon)  weighs approx 3gm


    TMD Powder


    TurmerDog™ Bites:  18mm nugget weighs  approx 2.5gm


    TMD Bites


    TurmerDog™  Cookies:   weigh approx. 9 gm


    TMD Cookies


    Feeding Information.


  • Feed dogs  3  to 35 gm/day of powder depending on body weight; a 5kg terrier will require about 3gm/day, medium-sized dogs such as labradors, sheep-dogs, spaniels etc (15-30kg BW) will require 10 – 20gm/day. Large dogs –  e.g. German Shepherds, Rottweilers,  (30 – 60kg BW) require 20 -40 gm/day.

  • Turmerdog™ Bite weighs about 2.5 gm; a 5kg terrier requires 1 per day.  Dogs such as spaniels of say 15 kg will require 3 per day, or 1 Cookie. A 50kg rottweiler will need 10 per day, or 3 – 4 Cookies. One Turmerdog™Cookie weighs about 9 gm.

  • Veterinary advice should be obtained before using this product if your dog is on medication of any kind, especially heart drugs.

  • Do not feed to pregnant bitches.

    Turmeric has long been known to provide considerable health benefits. It is a perennial shrub that is grown in India and other tropical areas of Asia. It is widely used in Indian cuisine, as well as in traditional Asian healthy products. Turmeric’s benefits lie mainly in curcumin, its principal active ingredient, which also gives turmeric its yellow colour and strong flavour. Turmeric is thought to be of benefit to various organs, including the heart, liver, brain, blood and skin.


    Pricing Information.


    TurmerDog Orig. 300g £7.99*
    TurmerDog Orig 900g £22.99*
    TurmerDog Bites 250gm £11.99*
    TurmerDog Bites 750gm £37.99*
    TurmerDog Cookies 200g £8.99*
    TurmerDog Cookies 700g £30.99*


    *Delivery charges apply.


    To order click here.




    Here are recent Facebook posts: Angela Nicholls Shillington “I have used this supplement on my 11 year old Springer Spaniel:  I highly recommend it.  He is like a 2 year old again!!!”


    Teresa Davis, Hereford “ Can fully recommend it, I’ve got my bouncy happy sprocker back.”





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