Beverley Brightman, International dressage rider, her (now retired),  Grand Prix horse Tom, and John  Chapman, Equine Nutritionist.  

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The HORSEHEATH Range of Coarse Mixes and Supplements are suitable for  almost all horses, and in particular meet the high nutritional needs of BREEDING, SPORT and SHOW HORSES. They can give nutritional support for horses prone to a variety of feed related problems:


  LAMINITIS,     






FEED INTOLERANCES SENSITIVITIES & ALLERGIES  , e.g. "Protein Bumps,  "Filled Legs", itching etc  


(symptoms include crib  biting; wind-sucking, excess saliva, grinding teeth, unthrifty, poor  condition, difficult to ride & handle, aggressive, chronic scour, repetitive mild colic etc.

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 Winter Feed Tips + New Products

This is a sample of the many e-mails and comments from satisfied customers - you will find more on the product pages.

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From: Brown, Kerry (
Sent: 24 December 2008 13:46:56

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Hi john
The office is open from 9 to 5 all weekdays.                           Click Picture      
I hope you have a wonderful xmas too! I have now lost count of the number of
compliments I have had about the condition of my horses thanks to your feeds- they look like it's the middle of summer! Both have previously been scrawny in the winter but not now! Thanks so much  

About Products  Feeding Guide  Nutrition Problems  Laminitis  Condition  Colic  Supplies  Contact

Contact: - via e-mail or post to Gravenhorse Feeds,  P.O. BOX 811, Flitwick,  Beds MK45 9AU

Call 0344 8844850 lo-call or 07721 384508 or text 07807 47 94 95

   From Helen West, Stevenage:
The expert feed advice we are given and the different combinations of feed available are excellent. We receive a totally personal service.”   
Helen feeds Bodybuilda Original, AntiLam™ full fat Soya and Magnesium Oxide. A few years ago she sent “Hi Tone Z” to Dan Nielsen, which he competed very successfully.
Her mare, Vilka B is currently performing extremely well under the talented young rider  Abbie Squires


HORSEHEATH  and other feed products are delivered  direct, throughout Beds, Herts, Bucks and parts of adjacent counties.
Also via selected merchants;
And nationally & OVERSEAS by courier / carrier
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Technical input

Is provided by John  Chapman, a Cambridge University-trained Equine Nutritionist. He has been involved in formulating, manufacturing and delivering horse feeds for over 30 years. He is able to offer advice and products for a wide range of nutrition- and management-related problems.
Specialist supplements are also available  (e.g.Vitamin E,  live yeast, granular charcoal, magnesium oxide, starch-free mineral/vitamin supplement; herbs & other nutrients.

Sinatra - at stud - click for details

Mishari -
27 year-old
Arabian - click
for info…


Click to see Abbie Squires latest result

New Product for horses prone to tie up; with Cushings;Shivers, etc.
Minimal Starch,
High VitaminE

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 Winter Feed Tips + New Products

From  Heather Vaulkhard Netherton Park Stables, Newcastle

I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.
"John provides an excellent service. He is very approachable and offers expert advice with regard to equine nutrition."

New Product Turmeric+ Linseed, Salmon oil Black Pepper ,  MSM & Glucosa -  mine & Chond - roitin
for dogs prone to
Stiff Joints
& Impaired Mobility;

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